Mapping & Surveyor Support Services

A end-to-end solution that uses drone data to optimize farm management. Save Time! Save Money! Save lives!

Air Probe UAV can provide you with drone data to give you more insights that will help you m ake better more informed decisions about your farm.

  • Monitor crop at a lower cost
  • Integrate drones in every stage of the crop life cycle from soil analysis and seed planting to choosing the right moment for harvesting.
  • Produce precise 3D maps allowing early soil analysis, which can be used to plan seed planting patterns.
  • Collect data for irrigation and nitrogen level management using hyperspectral, multispectral or thermal sensors to tell which parts of a field lack water or need improvements.
  • Additionally, once the crop is growing, they allow the calculation of the vegetation index, show the heat signature and allow crop planting.
  • Produce multi-spectral images that spot changes in plants and indicate their health
  • Document losses for insurance claims much faster


  • Soil analysis
  • Precise 3D Mapping


  • Determine seed planting patterns
  • Gain data for irrigation and nitrogen level management


  • Use hyperspectral,multispectral or thermal sensors decide which parts of a field lack water or need improvements
  • Calculate vegetation index Keep plants alive and healthy by constantly monitoring your field


  • Spot changes in plants that indicate their health
  • Reduce risk increase yield

Post-season harvest analyzing

  • In the case of crop failure, quickly document losses for insurance claims
  • Soil analysis