Discover Tilt White LED Headlamp/Helmet Light

SKU: 480-T09

Description: See further, wider and better with the powerful FoxFury Discover Tilt White LED Headlamp / Helmet Light. This rugged, compact light provides hands-free illumination in all-weather conditions and delivers up to 200 lumens of panoramic lighting. It is designed for use on safety helmets (including hard hats and fire fighter helmets), on a ball cap or directly on the forehead. This headlamp features a wide, powerful long distance beam to illuminate larger distances and comes with an adjustable tilt to help aim the light where needed. On the low setting, it provides task lighting for close-up tasks like inspection, repair and maintenance. 

Panoramic lighting
Slim design fits most safety helmets
Rear safety LED (red)
True to Life LED
Adjustable Tilt
Waterproof, fire resistant, impact resistant