Get real-time awareness and accuracy on your construction sites.

Save Time! Save Money! Save lives!


Air Probe UAV can assist in every phase:

  • Pre-construction phase:
    • Get better field data
    • Improve the speed and quality of the design process
    • Provide detail data about a site’s initial status before work begins
    • Capture high-resolution videos and images
    • Enable 3D modelling
    • Enable the creation of Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)
    • Ensure better contract valuation.
  • Construction phase:
    • Conduct quick site surveys
    • Gather precise data for progress reports and monitor progress
    • Identify discrepancies
    • Verify contractor reports
    • Confirm materials on-hand, storage and proper handling.
    • Perform precise work such as positioning steel slabs in concrete
    • Increase safety by performing hazardous work and monitoring to improve risk management
  • Construction completion phase:
    • Use collected date for final work assessment
    • Verify and report environmental impact
    • Use the data collected for future maintenance and marketing purposes.